9x Firmware basic questions

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9x Firmware basic questions

Postby S-rob » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:05 am

Hi guys.
Just too much info on the 9x forums , without some basic answers :-(
Ive spent a hour+ searching for info . I have the programming board, that part of things looks simple.

Between open9x & er9x( & others), what is the better firmware for a beginner, if I just want to fly without spending days learning on the new submenus
ie what one is better for a beginner, basic planes & 6 channel heli's .What one has the easier to navigate menu without to much in advanced setup.
Although open9x's 5 Flight Modes could be usefull, will that let me add up elevator just for lanch (AXN launches)

does the new firmware actually give me model model memories ??

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Re: 9x Firmware basic questions

Postby Hal9000 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:12 pm

I have setup er9x with up elevator on a switch for launches, but to tell you the truth I haven't used it yet because my AXN, thrown properly, launches beautifully.

Any firmware will have a learning curve. I found it easier to search for what I was trying to achieve rather than aquire an exhaustive knowledge of the firmware. That comes from usage!

I did this with flaperons and the up elevator on a switch.

The most useful area to do with "advanced" settings was the Template Library on the 9xForums here. Especially the sample setups.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos that will take you through common setups. Be prepared to have to listen to heavy nonEnglish accents!

As far as I remember, Stock firmware gives you 8 model memories, er9x gives you 16 (I run this). I presume that Open9x has the same as Open9x was forked or derived from er9x in the past (AFAIK!)

My advice when starting out is to decide from the outset what channel to function order you are going to use and keep it consistent between models. e.g. For Planes AETR as in Channel 1 for Ailerons, 2 for Elevator, 3 for Throttle and 4 for Rudder. Makes it easier when changing receivers or sorting out issues like reversed throws.

Oh and for safeties sake, learn how to program the throttle safety switch from day one, minute one. I noted the approvals from the old timers when I first showed them my setup and they noted that the throttle was deactivated until the switch was thrown. This combined with the power on switch alarms will go a long way to prevent chopped fingers....

Happy flying, and may your crashes be minor!
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Re: 9x Firmware basic questions

Postby cynr100 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:53 am

This is not easy for a beginner, you will spend hours reading to sort it out (unless you wrote the firmware :D ) so sit back and glean a little each day.
IMHO er9x would be best, it has been around for awhile with lots of documentation available. Open9x is rather "new", get some experience with er9x first.

If you intend using eePe to program your Tx you will find some templates within the program to assist. Simple 4 channel, very simple and easy, for a 4ch plane a good place to start.
6ch heli is also available but there is nothing simple about 6ch helis, be very careful and as Hal9000 has already stated learn all about throttle safety switch/throttle cut. That in itself will save you pain and anguish as well as instructing you on the use of er9x. The eePe program has a simulator function that you can test your settings, learning to use that and translating to your model will also save some pain and anguish.

There is a lot of useful info on the 9x forums, you just have to spend the time, "Westy" does a very good tutorial for setting up 6ch helis.

Once you have some confidence in er9x you will be amazed what you can do. :o

Your suggestion about adding up elevator for launch, IMHO should not be related to throttle position. You could find yourself not wanting this during normal flight so I would suggest that you have this applied by a simple switch setting, so once you have launched you can cancel the up elevator setting by a "flick of the switch" :D . The beauty of er9x is that you can assign any requirement to any switch, just because it is known as the "gear" switch doesn't mean it just does gears it could "apply up elevator" or it could ""activate bomb drop" :lol:

Good luck, Dennis :D

PS down load some templates from the 9x forums and have a play, best way to learn & understand.
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Re: 9x Firmware basic questions

Postby quarry44 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:35 pm

When I first tried to program ER9x,there was one basic thing that confused me badly.When you program in a model,you have to set both "sides" of a function.For,say,ailerons,you must set left and right values.the same applies to all other functions.Before trying to program in a real model,just set up a"virtual" model,and play around with all the settings.This will give you at least a basic feel for which does what.
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