Spektrum DX6i 3 position switch

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Spektrum DX6i 3 position switch

Postby Bio Hazzard » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:46 am

That's right you read the title correctly I've finally figured out how to add a 3 position switch to the DX6i, keep reading to find out how.

Basically everyone knows that the DX6i is a terrible radio for fpv, and especially for OSD, why? Simple, first ALL Spektrum receivers have a voltage problem in regards to the rssi signal, so you can forget about having an rssi signal on your OSD and on top of that theres no 3 position switch :(

Well for the rssi one can simply use "DORA translates" to fix the rsii voltage problem, but what about the 3 potion switch? Well I 'think' I have the answer.

Now first lets start with how a 3 position switch works (or at least how I believe it works) basically on a normal two position switch, you set two points for the servo to travel too, one point for when the switch is up & one for when the switch is down. So for example one point would tell the servo controlling your landing gear or flaps to to extend and the other to retract. Now a 3 position switch does actually the same but instead of have two points it has 3 points that can be set. Now on the OSD side it takes the 3 different points and uses them to control the OSD.

So how does my hack work? Simple: on Spektrum radios you can use mixing to extend / limit the travel of different channels. Now all one must do is use this feature to limit the travel for the flaps or landing gear channel. So for example one of the dual rate switches could control the third position for that channel by extending or limiting its range. Now for the 3 position switch part, I don't know about you but I don't tend to use my dual rate switches much. So my plan is to replace the 2 position switch with a 3 position switch. The switch will simply replace the 2 position switch and the third position will toggle one of the dual rate switches, maybe the rudder dual rate or something that isn't used as much. Thus you now have a 3 position switch on your Spektrum, sure its basically a trick and not a 'real' 3 position switch. But it should do the job!

I have yet to try this hack out, but feedback is appreciated!

Cheers Bio Hazzard
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