airfield x-6 transmitter conversion to buddy/trainer box

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airfield x-6 transmitter conversion to buddy/trainer box

Postby rasrc » Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:07 pm

Well the subject pretty much sums up my question. I'm wanting to get others in the hobby and I'd like to use a trainer box to do it. Rather than go out and buy one (or in my case order one then wait a month for it to arrive) I thought why not convert an old transmitter. Can the stock x-6 be converted to a trainer box? I currently have this transmitter and a futaba 6ex. The plan is to make a cord that plugs into the 10 pin connection for the 2.4ghz module inside the x-6 (I couldn't believe it just plugs into the main board) and plug the other end into my trainer port on my 6ex.

Is this remotely possible? If I understand transmitters correctly I'm just wanting to take the signal that was being sent to the 2.4ghz module and redirecting it to my 6ex. Side note, the 6ex has an frsky module in it. Don't know if this matters.

Thanks in advance.
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