Fitting frsky Telemtry Module to JR X 378 from Hobby King

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Fitting frsky Telemtry Module to JR X 378 from Hobby King

Postby brooza77 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:36 am

Hi All,

I watched a YouTube video done by Bruce where he fitted a Corona 2.4GHZ Diy kit to a JR X 378. I am going to buy the Frsky telemetry enabled system, but he mentioned on the video he would post wiring diagrams for common radios so we wouldn't need an oscilloscope. Has anyone been able to find it. I opened up my old radio to fit a new battery lead and noticed it had 4 wires plugged into the board but the DIY module only has 3, also whew would i get the plug he used also.

I am only just getting back into the hobby after a very long stint on the sidelines and was hoping to get my old radio (which i bought brand new all thoses yrs ago and never used)upand running and then eventually all this going well upgrading to new Taranis or JR X11.

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