Voltage Reducer?

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Voltage Reducer?

Postby iflylilplanes » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:11 am

I would like to charge my Lipo’s at the field, I have a pair of 60 amp 12 volt lead acid batteries and would like to set them up in series as 24 volts. My problem is I need to reduce the voltage to 15 to 17 volts and not lose the amperage.
I have two Accucell 6 chargers and would sometimes have them both running at the same time, I’ve had issues with the Accucell’s cutting out when the power supply is around 12 t0 13 volts when charging a 3s 3000 ma pack. I’m using a mains power supply suppling 16 volts at 6 amps, this works great on a single charger, not much use on the field.
Does anyone have a circuit or know of a device that can give me the required voltage and currant to charge at the field?

Many Thanks,

Dave W.
Many Thanks,

Dave W.

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Re: Voltage Reducer?

Postby flyroger » Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:44 pm

I can get you 18 volts. Just put a 12 volt and a 6 Volt battery in series.

I think that you will have a hard time finding a regulator for your needs. It will have to be very husky the handle the 60 Amps you desire.

I think you should look into another charger that will run on 24 Volts.. It would be a lot cheeper.........
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