Turnigy 9X and FS-RX2A receiver

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Turnigy 9X and FS-RX2A receiver

Postby bluejets » Sun May 26, 2019 4:39 am

Bought this little receiver with the intent of setting up a wireless trainer using an old Turnigy 9x transmitter.
Have used the 9x to bind with it's own V2 receivers and also the little HK-T6 receivers, six and 3 channel, with no problems.

Specs say this little FS-rx2A receiver is AFHDS 2A and as the 9x is, I assume , the same as it is the V2 model, I thought , great.

But will not bind.

Looked further into this and found where someone commented that the receiver is for i6 etc.
Although it is quoted this i6 Tx is backward compatible, apparently the system as it is written does not allow forward compatibility from the 9x.

Anyone ever struck this at all..??
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