9x with er9x software hack: Need help updating?

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9x with er9x software hack: Need help updating?

Postby pwy » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:10 am


Specifically bought a 9x from HK with FrSky module to play around with erezra's er9x software.
As it was raining over the long weekend I finally found some time to do the mod.
The 9x hardware quality isn't quite up to the 12x or FX-30 I usually use but erezra did a fine job with the firmware and it's all working great on my 9x.

Coming to the purpose of this post....

As you all know the mod requires some rather delicate soldering and for the firmware update you will need a programmer. Some experience and/or knowledge about working with all this stuff certainly makes the task easier.

I have successfully updated my 9x and if you are thinking about updating yours but don't have the knowledge or a suitable programmer then I'm happy to help out. This obviously only works if you or at least your 9x can make your way to Sydney where I live ;)
But if you are in the area and are looking for some help modifying your 9x then send me a PM and we can arrange something.

Note: This offer follows the spirit of Bruce's services and is free as a help for fellow modellers. I do have a daytime job though and I need some time for flying but there should be some time left to mod a few 9x :)

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