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RC Helicopter on-board regulator

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:59 pm
by machasm
Hi guys,
This is my first post here and was hoping for some help/guidance on this.
It would seem that there are quite a few regulators out there that do a pretty good job but none seem to do a great job and cover all aspects of what I, and many others, would like to see a reg cover.
1) Be able to accept a range of input voltages from 2S to 3S Li-PO (7V to around 13V)
2) Have the option to use dual input voltage capability for redundancy (In case one battery fails then power is still available to the system) but draw current from both packs simultaneously.
This could also lead to having 2 packs of half the capacity of a single pack so weight wont be an issue.
3) Have 2 voltage selectable outputs so that rx and tail servo could run at 5V but the cyclic servos could run at either 5,6,6.8 or even 2S Rail voltage.
4) Must be able to deliver quite high current on the cyclic servo output, say around 10A max as servos have become much faster and thirstier than they used to be.
5) Have an on-board glow facility to easily start the engines with.
6) Have dual voltage indicators for monitoring the LI-PO voltages in the form of LEDs or similar.
7) Have a high VIS LED for when a battery pack is offline or low.
8) Be robust enough to withstand quite severe vibrations.
9) Not be too heavy.

As I have said, there are a lot of regs out there that do some of these things but none that do all.
I suspect that whoever comes up with a good design might find that there is a lucrative market out there for their product.
Have you seen the prices of some of these?