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HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:35 am
by Startazz
Hi people i thought i'd better just let a few of you know HobbyKing's postal
service has gone up the shoot,i placed my first order a week or so ago and
it took just about all this time for my order to go from paid/processing to
shipped,now i know they are having trouble at the moment with orders
being sent back to them because of lipos and of the suck,but why let people
still order when they know they can't get them out for a week or so,
wouldn't it just been easier to stop us from ordering for one week so they
could get rid of the back log and the items sent back because of lipos.
Now they have sent me an email saying my order has been shipped
with a tracking number which does not work at all and i've been trying
to get it to work for three days now and i had EMS with my orders,
so by the time the tracking number might work they could well be on my
door step or am i just wishing for that :roll:
Rant over now sorry people just had to get that out of my system yet
again as i have been over to the HobbyKing forums asking what was
going on and i must say a couple of there moderates were very good
at answering my concerns and a hell of a lot of others with the same
problems but it does not solve the problem but it's nice to know HK
has got people listening to our concerns.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:17 pm
by RCModelReviews
Yeah, they got really caught out by HK Post's decision to enforce a 6-month-old ban on airmail/EMS shipping of lipos.

Lots of folks are really annoyed that they paid EMS shipping (for speed) but have already been waiting weeks just for a working tracking number.

On the flip-side, my Turnigy 9X V2 took just 5 days (*including* a weekend) from order to arrival at my desk.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:26 pm
by Startazz
Thats good Bruce and i take it you didn't have a lipo in that parcel did you?
Well i got my parcel but had to pick it up my self as i had to pay another
£30.50 or around £20.50 because of of shipping TAX! Bruce is that
down to HobbyKing to pay that or me mate,as i was thinking of trying
to claim it back from them,i know i've got no chance but no harm in
trying i suppose,if i's down to them that is as i did use EMS and i don't
remember seeing anything on the ordering form that i might get hit
with shipping tax my end.
Well live and learn i suppose and will i use HK again? yes after they
sort them selves out as there stuff is just to cheap not to but it will
be a long time until i buy a lipo of them again lol.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:06 pm
by RCModelReviews
A few people who've had stuff delivered (from HK) via Singapore EMS or SwissPost have been hit with an extra charge by the freight carrier. In theory, you have a contract with HK whereupon they've contracted to deliver the product to you (using the subcontractor of (in this case) their choice) for a fixed amount.

You could (in theory) sue them for the extra fees the freight-carrier may be charging you - but you know what your chances of getting satisfaction there are (SFA).

As of the last I heard, HongKong Post/EMS will not be accepting lipos for shipment again so all future orders containing lipos will go either by Singapore Post/EMS or SwissPost. In some cases this will significantly increase the total cost for some customers as I know some European countries levy extra taxes on SwissPost package and there may be some other issues with SingaporePost's EMS (not sure of that).

As usual with stuff bought out of China and Hong Kong -- you pay your money and take your chances -- no guarantees. If you want guarantees you have to pay a lot more and shop locally.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:16 am
by nzimmers
Hi had a terrible delay (nearly one month) on my last large order that included a few lipos (had paid for EMS express to boot!).

So this time I decided to purchase a few lipos by themselves, shipped cheapest to the US (registered air mail) and I'll see how long it takes this time. I received a 'shipped' status within 48 hours and a tracking number.... we'll see

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:37 am
by thos
I think the postal service in Hong Kong is a bit of a hit and miss scenerio. My daughter has just moved to Hong Kong and as a matter of interest it takes 2 weeks for us in Aust to recieve an A4 sized envelope containing paperwork from Hong Kong. So getting a parcel from HK in 4 weeks is slower but given there are more security issues with parcels its probably not too bad. Everything needs to be scanned for security outgoing and then scanned again in the destination.It is frustrating but lets hope with the extra distribution points around the world this will improve their effecincy. Hopefully the distribution points will be able to recieve faulty gear back under warranty reducing the price of sending parts back to HK. I'm sure there are a lot of customers that have not sent fautly gear back to Hong Kong due to freighting costs.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:28 pm
by Startazz
The latest on me claiming for the extra tax i had to pay my end for
my parcel from HK :roll:
Well i got a quick reply from HK asking if i could prove i got hit with
the extra tax,like could i send a copy of a receipt, as i was expecting
that i have kept all that sort of info for this very reason and sent them
a photo of it as i have seen on there forums people saying they had to
send in photo's of such things,and wouldn't you know it as i've sent the
photo off they are being a bit slow in getting back to me :x
i'll update if and when i hear anything from them but don't hold your
breath as i'm not and thanks for the reply boys/Bruce.

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:03 pm
by nzimmers
Short update on my Lipo purchase from Hobby king: ordered on the 24th of June, shipped via swiss post on 28th of June. Currently my package has cleared customs *in Switzerland* (Zurich to be precise).

I'm rather envious of my lipos at this moment, I've always wanted to see Zurich.

Looks like Anyone ordering Lipos from HK for Delivery in the U.S. should be prepared to wait ~3 weeks +

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:22 am
by crampy
I had two different orders from HK come in a couple of weeks ago. One order had servos, a motor and some lighting, the other was LiPo's only (10 of them).
I split them, as it didn't want the LiPo's to hold up the rest of the stuff.

It all arrived at the same time and took less than a week to get here (NZ).

No complaints from me :D

Re: HobbyKing's postal services

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:15 am
by siang
Lucky you, Crampy. Mine was only servos and it took 24 days on international shipping thou. As far as I can remember it use to be way faster wwith international.
Thinking of making some order which will include lipos. Should I go for EMS or international?