Mini Sports Camera

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Mini Sports Camera

Postby cynr100 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:29 pm

Most of us at some stage have or are using an 808/keyfob camera of various models, I always have my trusty #12 to hand (not the best but cheap enough and always works). Sometime ago I investigated "sports action cameras" for under $100 (I could not afford a GoPro) and I came up with a Kaiser Baas Sports for $85 (like this,microSD to32GB, miniUSB and Video/Audio out. It has served me well but too big to install on my AXN.
The water proof cover is next to useless for anything more than light rain and having seen the HK wing camera I thought about doing the same to the workings of the KB.
So I stripped it down and applied heat shrink to protect the workings and sure enough it looked exactly like this ... _CMOS.html
and on further investigation IT WAS exactly the same, a "Redleaf RD32".
Now if you Google that you come up with a whole bunch of cameras that look exactly like my Kaiser Baas with prices ranging from $69.99 to $189.99 all with exactly the same board and CMOS namely Redleaf RD32 :!:

So the moral is, if you are looking for a camera just a little better than your 808 buy a HK wing camera only $37 + freight.

I just ordered a new one from HK and no I'm not getting if for free.

If anyone knows where I can buy just the lens and receptor unit for this camera I will be forever in your debt :)
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