Permanent Farewell at RCGROUPS!

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Re: Permanent Farewell at RCGROUPS!

Postby Juanlargo » Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:15 pm

heliplanes wrote:I've never had problems at RC Groups but HobbyKing forum would beat them hands down. The would be miniGods or Moderators are the worst I've encountered. I was banned with no warning, well they do warn you via private message but because you've already been banned you can't read it. I wasn't told I was banned and it's impossible to find out why because you can't log on. Luckily a friend found out for me. I allegedly referred to HobbyKing's staff as Ch_nks. Firstly I never did any such thing, secondly the word is not in my vocabulary, thirdly I am not racist and don't use such terms and finally all traces of my posts have magically vanished. It seems HobbyKing allow these very poor excuses for moderators to rule as they wish.

Strangely, all forums are out of bounds should you be banned from the chat forum. I can't question Hobbyking on any matter. I have no access to the Buddy system, I can't use the classified section and the most pathetic of all, every popular forum is 100% out of bounds whilst the less popular forums are open for me to read. Sort of selective banning. All this because I complained about the manner of a frootloop who believes himself to be a reincarnation of a certain highly unsavoury murderer who ran a certain country and passed away last year. His son now rules in his place. I found his actions and habit of referring to his "followers" very distasteful. Obviously his "followers" were the so called moderators.

So here I am, a respected member of many forums and the only problem I've ever had has been with HobbyKing. A company I average spending $600.00 a month with and I'm stopped by a bunch of 2nd rate caretakers from enjoying a forum under false pretences and no way to appeal the decision. At least the grey matter is in abundance in this forum. Oh! one other thing, have you ever received a Private message from a moderator asking you for 3 names of members you don't like. Because the moderator was bored and wanted to ban a few people to liven things up a bit. Great forum that ....... NOT!

Rant over, blood pressure back to normal. Plus I have 8 more planes to build.

That guy is a horses ass and the mderators back him unconditionally. Any time anyone submits a complaint about Hobby King he comes at them like an angry dog in a manger and no matter how many rules he breaks berating the poor sucker the mods will back him and ban to complainer for trying to defend themself. It's sort of an internet version of a prison washroom, don't try to fight back or you will get killed. :shock:

As for the PM thing, that is just way over the top but not surprising for that site. You have to wonder what kind of company encourages that kind of behavior towards their customers on their own forum? That is why I will never buy anything from them.
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