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PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:39 am
by PeopleAreGreeat
HI Bruce,

Would really love to see you do the review on the RMILEC UHF you bought. Many of us have seen conflicting reviews from across the internet on this RMILEC UHF setup and would like to know if it's "Crap" as you say or worth giving it a go!

This is very inexpensive piece of electronics compared to Dragon and the others. The power range is huge, if it's good that would be great, in this hobby we are all always looking for a less expensive way to do all we need to.

You are my personal go to guy on electronics with all your test equipment, if its Crap you will call it as it is...Looking forward to seeing your review!

And of course the magic word...PLEASE!

Thank you for your time sir!