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Turnigy Servo's

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:48 pm
by Biggbear
Hi Bruce........good review work on you site's.
I am looking forward to your review on the Turnigy MG959 Alloy Digital Metal Gear Servo 15kg / 75g / 0.2sec, aluminum case version..

As I said in the discussion forums, (realized later it wasn't the proper forum for the additional requests), I would also like to submit a request a review on the Turnigy 620DMG+HS High Torque Digital Servo (MG) 10.6kg / .13sec / 52g. I have purchased 5 of these, have not opened one up yet to check out. They all seem to run smoothly for the price point, work well with the high speed Airtronics system (SD 10G), just going to be a bit before I get them installed in a model. Looking at 60 size glow and up for these. They appear to be Bluebird servos, come in a completely unmarked blister pak, so presume that is where they are saving some $ as well.

Also, the Turnigy BLS950 Digital Brushless Cyclic Servo 11.5kg/.12sec/56g , would like to know your opinion on these. Also have 4 to try out, just have to get them installed in the pattern bird. Wee bit pricey to purchase just to test, though.

(p.s.---enjoy the coffee!)