2.4 TX/Rx field tests?

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2.4 TX/Rx field tests?

Postby Barbosa2 » Sun May 22, 2011 1:24 pm

Hi Bruce,

You've done a lot of great 'lab' tests and have a great deal of 'static' documentation. But how difficult would it be to actually field test with other pilots creating a lot of interference? You may not even have to fly a thing. Just have a bunch of pilots and anchored planes (or planes with no props) near you moving all the servos while you test? You could even be in a car while a buddy drives you up and down the runway while you test the Rx.

ETA: If static planes aren't enough and you need loads produced from the tx to rx, you could get as many pilots that would be kind enough to participate and fly a simple circle pattern while you drive around the field.
The more interference you can generate, the better the test results, I would think. Would it work?
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