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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:26 pm
by Hallmark
I feel compelled to write about this supplier who are a part of the OMP organisation.

I have bought from many suppliers in Australia and these guys are the quintessential leaders in customer service. For me customer service is not just the sales experience, but the entire process of the supplier sourcing the best products and making affordable, yet required suggestions at the point of sale. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I cannot speak for how it works in all situations, but I ordered a very expensive EDF jet, but was given a significant discount just the same and when it arrived it was actually a showroom model and not a PNP as I expected. I called them the next day and they sent out a courier to collect the airframe and gave me a full refund as well as a gift for the inconvenience.

I have since bought all of my servos, ESCs, wiring and other bits and pieces from these guys. I guess there are cheaper suppliers around, but I will happily pay a bit more for great service and peace of mind. When spending $500+ on something that could be useless with the wrong running gear, I will take the risk assessment of these professionals and make changes accordingly.

Matthew is a great guy to deal with and always takes the time to put together the right equipment at the right price and the retail store manager Brad has time to stop and chat, affording a look into the world of an experienced but humble RC pilot. The crème de la crème has to be Mike working on a rotational Saturday roster. In my opinion any business that has the Managing Director in their retail shop on a Saturday morning working alongside the staff has got to be a great place to spend money.

So thanks Bruce for providing this forum so I can sing the praises this group of RC professionals deserve and thanks to Model Flight for all the help.

As a side note, any Item over $200 is delivered free (please check if this applies in your area.)


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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 3:40 am
by Aussie Joe
I had to deal with OMP once (AR6250 recall), and thay were very quick to answer my email and with in a week I had my new receiver (AR6255) :D , I would see a online Chinese store do that :lol:
For all of my small electric models I use mostly HK and happy to accept the poor QC that I do see from time to time, BUT for my larger glow models I only use the big brands purchased locally,Tx Rx servos,switchs due to the higher QC and if something go wrong thay replace them very quickly :D, I do pay a lot more for this beceause of my conscience makes me do it.