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Re: HK 5.8Ghz System with IBCrazy Antennas - Video

Postby bmsweb » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:31 am

Sid you're not going to believe this but my mate drove down to our place to fly his TriCopter FPV and when he got here the weather turned crap! Winds and rain. In any case we kept an eye on the BOM Radar and when we had a window we headed over the the park and did some flying in this insane weather. Unfortunately I missed a great opportunity to video the onboard footage in this weather.

To cut a long story short I was flying with my friends FatShark. I wanted to land because I was convinced the Arrow home was slightly off . . then it was working again and so and so. My friend and Thomas both said the arrow home was working perfectly and I didn't work it out until I took off the FatShark for the landing.

My expectations were for the arrow to point a certain direction depending on the direction I was flying and what I hadn't taken into consideration was the fact that depending on the wind direction may have been pointing directly home with the aircraft but I was actually getting blown sideways because of cross wind etc

So in other words just because I was facing a particular direction it didn't I was actually tracking straight! Talk about confusion big time! In any case the Bixler handled the wind well. I have onboard footage from the KeyChain camera but not from the OSD :(
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