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camera RCV922 impression

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 1:56 am
by francoishaha
Hello, i recently buy the RCV922 camera, it's 420 line and cost me 60$ (canadian$) The camera is mounted in a steel casing and came with 2 objective, a 2.8mm and a 3.6mm. Personally i prefere the 3.6, the FOV is a bit larger. And it's cool to have diffrent objective, that give more choice depending of your intrest. Also it came with 2 cable, one for costum end for the camera and the other one with the connector for the camera and the other end (for both cable) the connector for the FatShark transmitter. One thing i dont like perhaps, is the tiny connector of the camera, it dosen't look like it's firmly pluged. I will certenly secure this connection, cause i dont want it to disconnect while the plane is in the air :D

I did not fly with this camera yet, but i made some ground test and this camera impress me compare to the camera i got with the FatShark predator kit. First, the colors are more realistic and the thing that made me very happy with this camera is that you can almost see in the dark. So this mean i can fly my plane even if the light is bad like sunset or sunrise, or maby a night flight. Well i cant wait to fly with this camera, stay tune, i will provide more information after few flight.

And here is the plane i will use for the first test. This will be first flight for the camera and for the plane :lol:

Re: camera RCV922 impression

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 3:37 am
by RCModelReviews
You should try the 600TVL Sony camera with WDR - I think you'd be even more impressed (for $52).

I think the RCV922 is a 5V camera so it can't be run direct from a 3S lipo, you need a regulator.

The RCV922 is however, a much better camera than some of the cheapies on the market.

Re: camera RCV922 impression

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 12:48 am
by francoishaha
That sound good, maby my next camera ;) Actually there is a current regulator in my Vtx. The output is 5v, im limited to use a 5 volt camera.

Oh and by the way, my new plane first flight was great, just minors adjustment, i did not fly fpv, i prefere preset the plane correctly before. But all gear was installed, so now it's ready for FPV!