FY-31AP and Hornet OSD Assembly Thread

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FY-31AP and Hornet OSD Assembly Thread

Postby Hallmark » Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:36 am

Hello All,

Well my FY-31AP and Hornet OSD finally arrived, but I have to say that Aliexpress.com will not see my business again. The so-called delivery times are a farce, but if you do bother to order from them to Australia use DHL not UPS, even the seller says UPS are too slow.

Anyway, these components are great and seem well made. The wiring is the cheap Chinese stuff, but seems to cut the mustard. Instructions are good, but I feel they are not explained in enough detail whereas the connection of power to the OSD and video In are concerned. Basically the diagrams are not very well explained. That said, compared to the usual 'Chinglish' these are very well written. In essence they say that you can use one of the available 12v inputs, as to use more than one will fizz the OSD. This is why I feel there should be a more detailed connections diagram for this and indeed all the connections.

Alishanmo does a series of videos on YouTube that explain much of the set up, but not a clear interconnection of all the wires, plugs and components, which is definately needed.

So here is my set up as it stands. I am waiting for a replacement camera to arrive from NZ after the other one had a mysterious failure. Bruce has an excellent service department who despatched the unit in fast time and only now relies on the mail service and customs to afford a swift delivery...

(Okay, I'm writing this on my iPad and the damned thing won't let me add the photo, so I'll do it when I return home tonight. :roll: )
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