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Postby cynr100 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:34 am

The promised b'day- Xmas pressie arrived yesterday from

Not just any Penguin, the missues went the whole hog :?

I have to say I am impressed, this is way above my flying skill level at the moment, but what was more impressive was the service. The box was delivered in 6 days and considering the Bundaberg/Rocky dramas last week OTHFPV have got themselves a good delivery service. Freight was only cleared to travel nth and south of Rocky yesterday afternoon.
On opening the box there was no sign of damage BUT there was this HUGE plane, I was weak at the knees this is not what I had expected, only an Rx and battery (plus build time) to get it flying..
Now I need a bigger ME ROOM and until I have that and more stick time on my other models it will have to stay in the box, I am not going to throw this into the air and bounce it due to lack of experience.
Here is a mock together just to give a comparison:
:?: :?:
Can't download pics............"board is full" :o :shock: :?:

Suffice to say it makes the AXN look like a seagull against a Jabiru.
Time to start reading and collecting the essential bits for FPVing............................ :D

Oh yeah ................I forgot...............there was a payoff. SWMBO needs new glasses, today I forked out $480. I new there was a trap................ :lol:
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