Super Sky Surfer Bananahobby motor upgrade

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Super Sky Surfer Bananahobby motor upgrade

Postby SkySurfer_FPV » Thu May 30, 2013 5:50 am

I would like to know if you could recommend a motor that could replace the stock motor on the Blitz RC Super Sky Surfer by banana hobby? The stock motor is a 1250kv and the flying weight is about 2kg. The propeller description is not displayed. Some forums say that a 1500kv might be nice with a 3S Setup with a 9" prop. and some say that 500 watts is required at least. Can you recommend a good motor upgrade and a good ESC and BEC/UBEC that is close to or if not higher and/or better than the 1250kv I specified taking into consideration the flying weight of 2kg and prop type + ESC? I will be using this plane for FPV soon as it is a huge glider with a wingspan of 2.4m I am trying to keep the power to levels which are more than adequate but keep the plane as light as possible. Can you also recommend me a good battery type as well? ... r-arf.html

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