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Norwegian "Ringebu" RC Club

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2011 11:51 am
by Barbosa2
Bruce linked to this in one of his videos. These guys are crazy, fun and some would say dangerous. They fly out of a remote landing strip. They never stop crashing...and laughing...and crashing...and laughing. One of the guys has that cartoon dog 'heeheeheehee' laugh that just gets me laughing. Where they get the money to keep crashing is beyond me. You'll not understand a word they say if you don't speak their language, but you don't really need to. I subscribed. Here's a couple links:

Here's all 99 of them:

This is a club I'd love to belong to...if I could afford it.

ETA: They've recently gotten into model rocketry. They don't have a frakin clue what they're doing. You'll shake your head and laugh.