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Turnigy 9x settings for simulator use?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:33 am
by pldb64
Hi All,

i've been happily flying my copy of realflight sim with the deal extreme dongle so i could use my 9x as the Tx. Works quite happily with the normal 4 channels (once you remove the Tx module at the back if you're using the standard Turnigy Tx module). But i can't figure out how to get flaps and retracts to work? (ie additional channels). Does anyone have any hints/experience as to how to make this work?

I'm using the ER9x version of f/w on the Tx now ... but teh question also applies to the standard Turnigy f/w.

Thanks in advance

Re: Turnigy 9x settings for simulator use?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:13 am
by kaptain_zero
I have not tried in RealFlight but I did add retracts for use in Phonix. I simply added the programing in ER9X. I create a basic 4CH model and give it the name of the simulator I'm using so I don't get confused over which sim model I'm using. Once you get those 4 channels set up, add the next mix you need. Say retracts, in my case I choose channel 5 and added a mix to that channel using the settings below:

So in ER9X it's:

Source FULL
Weight 100
Switch GEA
Multipx ADD

And if you want to play around, you can slow it down and add delays to the switch. So now when you activate the GEAR switch, it sends the signal to Channel 5. You should of course then check that the Sim is seeing this signal and then you need to configure in the SIM what that channel is to act on. Flaps are the same but may require a different type of mix depending on if you want to use a pot or switch etc.

Keep in mind, some SIMS don't play well with more than a basic set of channels.... As I said, I've only used additional features in Phonix, but I'm sure Realflight will be similar.

Good luck,


Can't tell you how to do it in the stock firmware, I switched to ER9X as soon as I got the radio.

Re: Turnigy 9x settings for simulator use?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:01 pm
by rogueqd
I have AeroFly Pro. I programmed 8 channels on my Tx before I set it up on the sim. Then found what sim "channels" moved with the 8 I'd set up. Some were "buttons" that only registered above or below 0.

Anyway, once I got the 8 channels set up I could program whatever mixes I wanted on my Tx and try them out in AeroFly before I tried them on a real plane.