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Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:41 am
by Hallmark
Post the addy when they're ready mate, I can't wait to see them...

Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:55 pm
by Hallmark
Here is the finished product. I have not stuck the wings in yet because I am considering putting a lighting system in it for some night flights... :geek:

Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:58 pm
by Hallmark
More pictures of the new - hopefully stronger - AXN MkIII

Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:16 pm
by cynr100
Looks like a show pony mate :lol: where are the scratches and bruises. Just kidding I'm :mrgreen:

Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:54 am
by pldb64
Looks great HM!,

Would you like to include some pics of how you've set things up on the inside too?

Is it stock AXN or have you altered props/ESCs etc?

I'm thinking of rerouting my motor wiring so that the ESC is perched right up the front and getting instant cooling from the nose vents. Interested in how others have put the electronics togehter.


Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:36 am
by Hallmark
I will take some pics of the internals today and post when I get home. I have put the ESC as far back as I can because I find the battery needs to be well up the front to preserve the CoG therefore avoiding turning the floater into a roller coaster :lol:

I am going to use the standard prop with a prop adapter because the rubber rings are too frail and wear out fast. My son put his together and set the prop up, but it never flew. When I got it and looked at the rubber ring it was split in a dozen places so that was a no brainer for me- prop adapters all the way! I have the 6 x 4 prop that I run on my other AXN, but other than for greater climbing ability it does not seem to affect my experience.

I have the standard motor on it and although it has been said there is a Scorpion motor that will fit and perform better, I have not made this modification as yet and not sure if I will until my experience levels are up a bit.

As I said I will post photos later today and until then thanks for the interest it is nice to share with others who have AXNs.


Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:03 am
by Hallmark
I buy my AXNs from Low Price RC as their price is right and their delivery is faster than many others.

I am running the standard motor with a Dualsky 45A ESC. I have been told about a Scorpion motor and I'll look into this for giggles next week.

As my previous posts show I have reinforced this bad boy everywhere except the aft fuselage. I seem to do more front end damage and it's not very often I reverse my AXN into the ground :lol:

Servos are E-flite digital sub-micro 7g. I had to use extension leads so the aileron servos would reach the Rx because I am running them individually from channels one and six (hence not using the supplied Y lead). As this created additional plugs and excess wiring, I tucked them down beside the servos to keep them out of the way. I also placed a straightened paper clip into the foam with a bit of CA to hold all of the wires down and I've cut the elevator and rudder control rods shorter to avoid the issue of the standard length rods hitting the battery and Rx wires on full throws.

As I mentioned the ESC is well back in the body so as to ensure there is enough space for everything to fit comfortably, which I think will also reduce heat. I have to say that the ESCs I have been using from China (30A) have done really well and only get mildly warm. I am told the standard HK ESC units are only 20A and have some problems with reliability as they get very hot - some have even fizzled out. If what I have learned is true, a slightly higher than required amperage ESC makes for a cooler ESC and motor.

I have not decided which radio unit to run with this yet, but it will probably be my Spektrum DX6i unless I decide to buy a 6 channel Futaba Rx. The last crash with my 6208SB popped the bottom cover off and I don't want to break my $200 Rx in a $40 plane... :o The Spektrum Rx units are a better fit due to their orientation, the Futaba would require an amount of foam to be removed as the plugs go in the end, while the Spektrum allows the leads to run into the front. The Futaba is also slightly bigger being an 8 channel over the 6 channels of the Spektrum.

All that said I hope this has answered the questions and please feel free to ask any others. I hope to maiden this plane in the next two to four weeks, but I want to gain more experience with the MkII first.

Re: New AXN Build with Trial Modifications

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:04 pm
by RCModelReviews
Oh man, that AXN is too pretty by far!

You know they don't fly right until you've smacked them and glued them back up at least half a dozen times -- right?

The front of mine is now so "banged up" that it's gone "fuzzy" with fluffy bits of foam all over it. It's also as wrinkled as me now -- but the damned thing still flies!

Wayne, a guy at our club that's heavily into FPV with his multirotors and Skywaker, FPVed his AXN last weekend and loved it.

Best fun he's ever had with FPV. He found the agile AXN and the lightweight "bareback" FPV experience to be a great improvement over stooging around with a Skywalker at 400 feet. Once my computers are up and going, I'll post video of our latest *FPV* AXN swarm. Nearly a dozen AXNs in the air at once and several of them were being flown FPV.

It was a real blast!

Final test of the FPV backpack too -- didn't miss a beat in the entire 15 minute "battle" -- despite having a mid-air with another AXN part way through the flight.