AXN battery mount

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Re: AXN battery mount

Postby jbcoop » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:52 am

Going back to an earlier question. I don't think the battery went forward and 'bounced' back. More likely the nose squashed and pushed it back, damaging the servo and coming loose. That split along the nose would have allowed the nose to squash up even more on impact.
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Re: AXN battery mount

Postby mikem » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:56 pm

My engineering error was to put fuzzy only on a small patch on top of the LiPo. This allowed the battery to pivot around that attachment point. I would have been better off just jamming the battery in place and it would have not gone through such acrobatics.

Would be interesting to have a little circuit on board to log the forces... maybe part of an OSD or one of those Quanum telemetry systems... maybe someone has already done it, haven't looked around very much.

It's pretty easy to build this stuff with off the shelf accelerometers... have played around with some using Arduino... will have to try that in a lightweight version once I can actually *get flying*.

Basic problem was operator error though clearly.

The more I think of embedding some carbon rods in the hull the better I like it. What would it be like to create a straight trench just using a stiff hand saw so the inflexible CF rod would lie straight? Cut it just deep enough to bury the rod not all the way through the hull.

I appreciate the help from you guys. Not many people around here have a clue about this stuff. Maybe I can generate some local interest once I get some experience.
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