Turnigy 9X 1500 mah Life Battery cables

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Re: Turnigy 9X 1500 mah Life Battery cables

Postby drg964 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:55 am

Mbanzi wrote:This is what I do for all the 9x transmitters I convert:


Handy work.

However I found it was easy enough by using a 1.8mm slotted screwdriver to push out the connectors from the battery plug and then reinsert back in the position that matches the polarity of the 9x connector.

As for charging the battery I used the HK charging harness.

Although I almost cocked it up with the first initial charge up of the battery as I could not find the LIFE function.

Fortunately I found this gem care of Kiwi Fulla

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