Buying FPV from anyone selling

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Buying FPV from anyone selling

Postby Jared Reabow » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:00 am

Hey guys, i am sort of new to fpv, i have a basic setup however it is low range, so i am opening this thread with intent to buy a FPV setup from anyone willing to sell one.

I have a 12v minicamera with component out and a battery so they are not required.
If the FPV is 1.2ghz, i have a reciever that can pickup channels
It needs sma-male antenna.

To give you an idea, my current setup is 1.2g/1.3g 400mw with rubber duck antennas.
I am using a 2.4ghz control (spektrun) so i cant have 2.4g

I have £80 to spend on a setup and i need a range of 2/3km, i can also offer a trade because i have access to a laser cutter that allowed me to make this quad and other quad frames, we could exchange , send me a scale sketch with measurements and i can convert to a laser cutter design.

It will be mounted on my (Goliath quad) custom built quad copter powered by a 5000mah 3s with an extra 1000mah 3s for the flv

The Frame is 1.2Meters from arm tip to arm tip and i have a large amount of space to mount some equipment, but i would prefer it not to be huge or heavy fpv



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