3D indoor flyer

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3D indoor flyer

Postby Bio Hazzard » Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:11 pm

So I just saw this in the AUS warehouse, and its got my mind on 3D indoor flying!!! My question is what parts should I use for it? I've never built a micro plane before so I'm having some trouble :(

Heres what I have so far:


Hobby King GeeBee Micro EPP Kit < The reason I liked this plane is because #1 its in the Aus warehouse #2 its super small - won't disturb others when flying in gymnasium without 'official' permission + opens up opportunity to fly inside my house


OrangeRx R415 Micro receiver


Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 1S 35c Lipo Pack
urnigy nano-tech 180mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack

Servos < This is the part I'm having the most trouble with :( Do servos on micro's get powered straight from the battery or from the esc? And if so how am I meant to tell what the bec rating on the esc is??

Option 1
Toki BioWire 1g Micro Servo

Option 2
HobbyKing Ultra Micro Servo 1.7g for 3D Flight (Left)

Option 3
HK-282A Single-Screw, Ultra-Micro Servo 2g / 0.2kg / 0.08sec

Option 4
HK-5330 Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 1.9g / 0.04sec / 0.17kg

Option 5
HK-5320 Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 1.7g / 0.05sec / 0.075kg

Also I couldn't find any servos in the Aus warehouse that seemed appropriate for this application and as we all do I especially hate having to order from the international warehouse :(
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Re: 3D indoor flyer

Postby zevobh » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:55 pm

they recommend 2.5g servos, so you should probably get these. the servos plug directly into the receiver, like any smaller plane. as for the battery, that 180mah looks about right.

just my 3c.
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Re: 3D indoor flyer

Postby Bio Hazzard » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:24 pm

Thanks for replying, I've ordered all the parts now and I'm just waiting. When I finish building it I'll post a thread in a more appropriate section giving a bit more information on what I did, just to point others in the right direction if anyone gets interested in micro 3D's at some point :D
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