Power to weight ratio and other bits

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Power to weight ratio and other bits

Postby TBear » Wed May 01, 2013 8:08 am

Greetings from the far North :lol:

Not sure where to begin, not even sure if my English still works....but here we go.

Alot of times when looking at electrical "cool stuff" on sites, the sites mention "works from size 400 and up. Normaly when i look at RC planes i dont se that size number. How do i calculate the size of a plane. Pointless buying a sound module that simply dont fit in the plane <--example.

Other thing is weight. Im an old flightsim fart (IL2 series since it came out and before that CFS series). A afternoon i whent to the local RC airfield and tryed out som goggles while a guy was flying...WHAMO!! It was like the flightsim just way more cool. Now i finaly got a few spare $ (3 kids "eats" my money in a fast pace, throw in the girlfriends and i normaly have about nothing to my self :lol: )

Im wondering about the power/weight ratio. Seems like a full FPV system and telemetry setup weights pretty good. And that would eat the amps out of anything underpowered so fast that you proberbly just se the grass or drop out of the sky in first turn. So is there any advice on how to look at the size of the plane, the power it has to se how much load you can throw on it. I have been looking youtube vids, read proberbly around 1000 pages on forums and ended up here because you seem like "my kinda guy" :P

Im pretty sure alot of "noobs" would love to se a vidio about the above, cause its easy to get a plane. Its easy to get the gear. But how the "frack" do we make sure that we get the correct plane for the gear. I know there is tons of different setups out there "proberbly almost as many as there are planes" But i would love some information about power/weight for Electric RC FPV planes..

PS. Your vidios are some of the best ive seen, and it is awsome to se someone with that much passion for the hobby. Keep up the darn good work sir :D

again greetings from the North

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