Advice on 5.8Ghz on Go Kart

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Advice on 5.8Ghz on Go Kart

Postby ranlod » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:55 pm

I am new to the FPV thing and would like some advice please.

Would it possible to put a system on my sons go kart and have it beam images back to a monitor set up in the pit area? This would be used for coaching as we already have the ability to talk to him via radio.

Furthest point away of the track would be about 350m away. Would a 200mw transmitter be enough, given the orenientation of the kart would not change, what antenna would be required? Would I need to mount a high aerial at the receiver end in the pits?

Thanks for any advice
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Re: Advice on 5.8Ghz on Go Kart

Postby cynr100 » Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:15 am

200mw would be sufficient however the 5.8Ghz system is really line of sight, as you wont be controlling anything this shouldn't be an issue. These are the recommended aerials for short LOS (short being you will get at least 1km LOS). ... tenna.html

The transmitted picture quality is not that great, nothing like your GoPro HD. If you are wanting to provide inrace assistance okay but if you just want to record the race for study after then GoPro or Replay 1080 are the best. If money is an issue then try one of these ... _CMOS.html

Here is my FPV set up result using dipole antennas at the time

Camera is a Sony 600TVL connected to Immersion 250mw Tx the receiver is Fatshark Attitudes with built in receiver and recorded from the goggles an a C-DVR to micro SD card. As you can see the Rx/Tx picture quality is not that great, the outside wing view is from the HD wing cam recorded to an onboard micro SD card.

If you are in Australia drop a line to this site with your requirements, I'm sure Mongrel will come up with a good setup for you.
Cheers Dennis
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