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Beginner Questions

Postby ttrush » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:41 am

Hello there! I just got into RC planes and am completely fascinated by them. I've been watching YouTube videos nonstop about everything RC. I've been watching many videos from "xjet" and "RCModel Reviews", along with "StoneBlueAirlines" and "FliteTest". I've been doing research about everything from radio frequencies to which transmitter I should use. I would love to go and buy a plane but I think building one will be cheaper. I plan on using a technique demonstrated by "ExperimentalAirlines". Here is an example of the many videos he puts out: I plan on following a schematic close to the "SpecterV2" built by "ibcrazy" from "StoneBlueAirlines". Two sites that demonstrate the capabilities and blueprints: ... azy-design, and this ... ht=specter. Although if you have another schematic that you would recommend I have an open mind! I also plan to take on FPVing once I have a plane built, using the Turnigy 9x 2.4 ghz radio transmitter with a 1.2 ghz video frequency with circular polarization. I'm using 1.2 ghz because of it's a lower frequency, it will be able to bend around buildings and trees if need be and it's a "quiet" channel without a lot of other things on it. I am not planning to go long range, but hopefully I can get at least a mile out of this system. I realize that I will need a filter because of the harmonics. I still need to research what kind of electronics system I need. Servos, motors, ubec, battery, receiver, esc, and anything else I need are examples of components that I need to research, or possibly get your help with. This project will take some time of course, and I'm going to have a lot of questions. I've tried to contact other renown RCer's with no luck. I've seen many of your videos and I know you have tons of experience in the RC world. I would be very grateful if you could help me with the technical aspect of this project. Does it sound like I have a good plan so far? What kind of motor, propeller, and servos do I need? What kind of esc and ubec? How does it all go together? Thanks in advance!

Tony Rush
Ames, Iowa, USA
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