Hubsan Spy Hawk H301

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Hubsan Spy Hawk H301

Postby sighkick » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:57 pm

Greetings - I am a beginner who is now retired and going through a second childhood by purchasing this Hubsan RTF (or should that be almost RTF). I previously built a Middlestick with a HP40 way back in the 70's and I was never brave enough to fly it on my own and just never got around to wiring up a buddy box system. Anyway, enough of the past, I would like to ask a few questions on the Hubsan Spy Hawk H301.

On completion, I checked the CofG and found that it was tail heavy so added two small lead weights either side of the battery which brought the CofG to the exact point marked on the wing. Glide testing was not successful and I am wondering if anyone else has built this plane and if they have weighted the nose at all?

The most difficult part of the assembly was the wing decals - if I had known what I know now, I would have cut slits in the part that curved to the wing tips. Darn thing kept peeling off (leading edge) and creasing. I have cut this part of the decal off.

Next, there is nothing in the instructions for the two small plastic tubes but I figured that they were to provide some stability to the rudder and elevator push rods as they are external to the airframe. These two push rods were passed through the tubes which in turn were sellotaped to the fuselage.

Finally, have you done video's about the difference between the Hubsan transmission for control and FPV and the more popular system. Have I locked myself in to a inferior system or is there some cross-over between the two. Please point me in the direction of any article or video I will find interesting. I do have an electronic background but it is built around discrete components and not the more modern integrated circuits - the principles are the same.

p.s. thanks for your video's Bruce, they are appreciated. Do you have your own shop so that we can support you more directly? Our only model shop closed many moons ago, apparently he moved to Auckland then died (or so I heard).
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