DJI Phantom FC40 FPV Problem now solved :D

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DJI Phantom FC40 FPV Problem now solved :D

Postby caprostron » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:28 pm

Hiya Guys

I'm a complete novice to this so please bear with me but I do have a bit of electronics experience having been a burglar alarm installer once upon a time.

I recently watched this video...

& wanted to know if I can fit this gear "or something else" to my Phantom FC40 5.8ghz edition so I can have decent FPV?

I've already changed the camera to a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver & waiting for a brushless gimbal to arrive.

DJI seem to be useless when it comes to after sales & I want to do FPV if at all possible

As you all know, the range to a smart-phone is abysmal plus the delay makes it useless so wanted to make it much better

Can it be done & if so, what do I need?

DJI says it can't but I don't want to give up that easily & after a lengthy email to them. all I received was a 10 word answer.

I tried a flight in my garden the other day & the Phantom just flew away on its own

I was lucky that it ended up where it did as at one point it seemed to be about half a mile away (please look at the footage below) & I've set the Naza to 300m max which didn't seem to work properly

If I'd have had a decent FPV range, I could have watched where it landed instead of knocking on doors asking neighbours if my quadcopter had come down in their garden ... =2&theater

I just don't want to spend any more money buying stuff that won't work & I certainly don't want to lose it after what I've already spent

I've now attached my name & number underneath the Phantom just in case this happens again but will be steering well clear of houses.

Thanks for reading



Thanks to Andrew @ Hobbyking PS 8 I've now got all the answers I need... :D ... =Base%20SD ... pro%20lead ... odule.html ... eiver.html ... hark%20bat
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