Chargers & buying online

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Chargers & buying online

Postby Seano » Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:34 pm

Up until now I have had a pretty good experience with buying product over the internet and in the main have not been disappointed. That was until I decided to buy from a company that I thought would be reputable, sure they are a big company and you would think that they would do their homework on quality control. WRONG I put my trust in Nitroplanes and they have let me down unbelievably. It all started when I purchased an A6 Thunder Charger. All the research pointed to a good product and Youtube supported the ease of operation. My first charger arrived and within an hour it was dead, an email back to Nitro and a request to return the product at my expense was requested. With the replacement charger on its way I was hoping that this time my problems were over, new charger opened and straight into programming 15 minutes later and an error messages being displayed on the screen. NOT HAPPY JAN. Email to Nitro & then a phone call sorry was abut the best they could do, no customer service to speak of send it back again and we will replace again. Clearly there is a problem with quality and their don't give a stuff attitude with customers is not what you would expect from a big company. Well my suggestion would be to forget these rip off merchants, my advice buy from Hobby KIng there prices are better and service excellent. DO NOT BUY FROM NITRO PLANES THEY SUCK!!!!!
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Re: Chargers & buying online

Postby RCModelReviews » Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:02 pm

I have no direct experience with NitroPlanes but I did get some really bad service from RaidenTech who (someone correct me if I'm wrong) were NitroPlanes in a previous life. If that's the case then I am not surprised you got such bad service.

A check of the web will also show that although some folks have had no problems, lots of others have had bad experiences with NitroPlanes.

Remember, before buying, Google is your friend!, just the facts.
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