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Parallel charging Lipo's

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:47 pm
by Flyboy7
I have recently purchased a 500w charger and have been thinking of trying parallel charging of lipo's. There is lots of info on the internet regarding the subject.....most of which I understand! However,I am struggling when they say you can parallel charge packs of different capacities. For example; if I charge 2@ 3s 2300mah packs and 2@ 3s 1300mah packs together, I add the capacities together and set the charge rate at 7.2amps. So does this mean each pack gets charged at 1.8amps or am I missing something here? I normally charge packs at 1C so in this example the 2300mah packs charge at less than 1C and the 1300mah greater than 1C. I only have a basic understanding of electricity so if anyone would like to comment on the above I would be gratefull!