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Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:05 am
by TeckPriezt
Dose any one know off any online shops that stock the Turnigy 9X other than HobbyKing, as there ones seem to be on back order all the time.

Also there is a lot off negative feed back about the Turnigy 9X on HK's site (could be just the make I guess).

If not can someone recommend another cheap ish (under $150 US) controller, will be buying a more expensive one later just don't want to do it when I'm still learning.

Also with the cheaper RX gear like Assan are they mostly compatible with the controllers from big name brands or are you stuck buying there RX gear

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:15 pm
by Szilard
Hi, I know this one: ... ts_id=9986

I bought that from them, it reads CopterX all over it but it LOOKS just the same as the 9X V1 even on the inside. Guys here in the forum say that JR type FrSky modules work with it. I bought said modules (the telemetry version)they're on their way to me from HK.
Bruce's review convinced me that these FrSky modules are very good, so if you're on a budget like me then you can get top notch radio gear cheap ;)
I did see a cheaper 9X radio on a different forum as I browsed the web looking for reviews on the TX itself but I can't recall where that was :(
I know I bought a few stuff from them but Hobby King is cheaper :D

I hope this helps.

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:36 am
by Wattsy
I use a JR FrSky module in my Turnigy9X , works great .

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 8:46 am
by TeckPriezt
Thanks for that Szilard, I have also brought one and I'll see what it is like with the modules that it comes with first, but most likely will buy other types off modules at some point.

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 9:27 pm
by Szilard
I was right it's just like the Turnigy 9X V1.
I blinged mine out, I put a JR type FrSky module and a Turnigy back light kit in it :D

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:55 am
by Eugene
Hi there, just to check how your Turnigy 9X V2 or V1 working? I m new in this hobby.
Wanted a low cost tx like the 9x but not so confident to buy yet from HK. COMMENTS there quite bad. Any advice? also thinking the WFLY WFT09S.

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:34 pm
by Kozmyk
Which bad comments are you referring to in particular?

I've bought plenty from them (80 items plus) and had only two problems both of which got resolved within a couple of weeks.
They're a cut price supplier and you can get quality control problems with that sort of operation but HK have a pretty efficient Customer Support for what they are.

As for the 9X Tx I bought two and they arrived EMS 4 days later and they work fine.

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:37 pm
by Eugene
Hi Kozmyk

thanks for giving some confident. Yes I got Phoenix 2000 2m glider, skyfun jet and this week the fatshark 5.8Ghz goggle arrived just fine, from HobbyKing. The bad comments I m refering is from the HobbyKing, Turnigy TX mode 2 especially customers reviews. Sound bad! Did you get your 9X TX V2 recently, meaning 2 or 3 months ago?

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:33 pm
by Kozmyk
Eugene wrote:Did you get your 9X TX V2 recently, meaning 2 or 3 months ago?

Ordered 09/05/11 - Rec'd 12/05/11
I had to wait quite a while for them to come back into stock.

I'm just getting all the bits together to convert them to FrSky, ER9X and Telemetry.
I got them originally as an affordable way to have two multi mode Txs linked in a buddy/trainer configuration.
As I learned more about ER9X I think it might well be the way to go with it's open ended mixing options.
Even over the high end stuff like Futaba and JR/Spektrum.
Up till now my main Tx has been my Speccy DX7 but I can see that becoming a backup or just for E-Flite/Parkzone stuff.

BTW I've not had any trouble with the Turnigy v2/FlySky RF system, it's working fine but as Bruce's reviews show, the FrSky ACCST is much better spec'd and has that all important full failsafe.

Re: Turnigy 9X

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:28 am
by Eugene
Thanks Kozmyk
maybe you got lucky with that set. I m abit late to get into this forum. Got the FrSky DF 2.4Ghz combo pack for Futaba on 16-06-11 evening....thinking to go with WFLY WFT09S from HIMODEL for US$316+. Luckily havent buy the WFT09S. But STILL can go with 9X TX V2 with some simple mod....saw someone do it with the HITEC A9 with FRSKY Module on youtube.Wonder if it work well as compare with e DIY set with 9X TX which Mr Bruce did. Wil check with others if theirs 9x tx V2 works ok. One more thing...IF I get the 9x tx v2, it will sure to become a hunch back transmitter .... lol...