OS Engine parts sent EMS

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OS Engine parts sent EMS

Postby quarry44 » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:39 pm

I was looking for a crankcase for an os 70surpass for a mate.These seem to be as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poop.In desperation I sent an email to OS,and received an almost immediate reply.
Whilst said crankcase was discontinued,and therefore not normally available,Mr.Shimazaki found one for me in the service department.Possibly the last one in captivity :) .
I ordered the item,together with a rocker cover for my fs70,on wednesday the 14th of september,and today,saturday the17th,the courier knocked on my door with my parcel in hand.
This was sent through EMS,so I wonder if recent problems with that co. were specifically to do with the Chinese region.I was certainly pleasantly surprised by the speed of delivery.
Also,kudos to OS Engines for taking the trouble to scour out the elusive crankcase.How many companies would bother for an obsolete product?Three cheers for both OS and EMS.
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