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What pisses me off...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:13 am
by RCModelReviews
I've had a bad week.

First of all the Cylcops Nova OSD/RTL system is DOA and now I ordered another product (locally) from an online RC store, paid my money, got an email confirming the order and then.... a few hours later... an email saying "oh sorry, out of stock".

They'll refund my money - but that'll probably take a few days -- so in the meantime I can't buy anything else instead of the product I ordered (and paid for). It's a cool way to borrow $150 for a few days at no interest I guess.

I also checked on a local auction site and they're still selling the exact-same product there. Someone has placed a bid on the listed item but *they* haven't paid anything yet -- I have. They get their order, I don't.

Oh well -- looks like this company has crap inventory control practices -- I won't be shopping there again.

And local hobby shops wonder why people choose to buy direct from China!

Re: What pisses me off...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:21 am
by quarry44
I've had a similar problem with a couple of books I ordered for my daughter.I did the "buy now"thing,paid my money,and all was well.However,the next day I get an email telling me the books"cannot be supplied".They took a week to refund my money,so they won't be seeing my money again.
And bugger me if they haven't re-listed the same books again :evil:
So beware buying from "The N..E"(world's largest river).They are obviously drop-shipping,which is supposed to be against Trade me rules.Some rules don't apply to high volume sellers,it seems.
I'm going off Trade me in a big way.It's gone downhill at a fast clip since Fairfax got their claws into it.
As for the books,I got them from Fishpond,and actually got them cheaper!

Re: What pisses me off...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:51 am
by pldb64
Yep - really had cause to wonder as to why i'm trying to maintain some level of support for my local hobby shop the other day!

I was looking for a replacement u.FL to TP-SMA connector for the FrSky DHT DIY unit. I knew i could get it from a supplier in the US for 2.39 but figured i'd check out the LHS first. I would have been happy to pay $5-$6 for the same part!

So i had a look at what they had on offer and saw they had spektrum replacement antennae (including the plastic surronds) for $36. So i asked the shop owner if he had just the connector that i was after (rather than the whole housing). He asked what sort of radio it was for - when i said it was for a Turnigy 9x - it was like i'd just said i had lepracy. He was adamant he suddenly didn't have what i needed.

Which was fine by me - i went home and duly ordered the stuff i needed online for 1/10 of the price i could get it from him.

I won't be rushing back in there again