Which LiPo charger should I buy?

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Re: Which LiPo charger should I buy?

Postby S-rob » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:38 am

hakank wrote:
rogueqd wrote:
cynr100 wrote:My ... HK watt/checker/balancer is doing a good job for me
Hey, I have one of those. I totally forgot it does balancing, lol.

Be careful with that one.The one I got stinks when it comes to accuracy during balancing. It's way off. If you have the money I would recommend: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=6792

It's very accurate and also has a good user/manufacture support at: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=839657


I have one of those iCharger 106B, very good charger. Too nice to take to the flying feild so I leave it at home & take 2
of these cheapies out with me(link below).
Perfectly good enough for a quick charge at the feild. Only $17 so I dont care if they get stolen/broken in the car boot.
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... ancer.html
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Re: Which LiPo charger should I buy?

Postby rogueqd » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:14 am

Well the Turnigy and Hextronik balance plug chargers have arrived and been tested. Here are the results...

The Turnigy balance plug charger seemed to take ages, but I didn't time in accurately. So I'll test it again and post the results then. I did notice that all three cells stopped charging at exactly the same time, so I'm suspect about it's balancing.

I storage charged two batteries using the Accucell (3.41V per cell +/- 0.01V) then charged them both using the Hextronik and Accucell chargers. The Hextronik charger has a maximum of 2A charge and was powered by a 12V 2A supply. The Accucell is powered by a 5A supply, but I set it to charge at 2A to make the test fair. The charge times and final cell voltages are below.

Hextronik charger: 72min 4.15 4.16 4.15
Turnigy Accucell: 77min 4.17 4.17 4.16

The two batteries are a little old so I guess I'd have to charge the same battery twice to make it an exact test, but I got the answer I was looking for. Balance plug chargers don't charge significantly faster than current drain chargers. This was not what I expected.

Next I'm going to try the HobbyKing ECO 4x6.
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Re: Which LiPo charger should I buy?

Postby rocketnz » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:00 am

I just bought the turnigy one Bruce had in his review.
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