Buying FPV Setup

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Buying FPV Setup

Postby Jared Reabow » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:59 am

Hey guys, i am sort of new to fpv, i have a basic setup however it is low range, so i am opening this thread with intent to buy a FPV setup from anyone willing to sell one.

I have a 12v minicamera with component out and a battery so they are not required.
If the FPV is 1.2ghz, i have a reciever that can pickup channels
It needs sma-male antenna.

To give you an idea, my current setup is 1.2g/1.3g 400mw with rubber duck antennas.
I am using a 2.4ghz control (spektrun) so i cant have 2.4g

I have £80 to spend on a setup and i need a range of 2/3km, i can also offer a trade because i have access to a laser cutter that allowed me to make this quad and other quad frames, we could exchange , send me a scale sketch with measurements and i can convert to a laser cutter design.

It will be mounted on my (Goliath quad) custom built quad copter powered by a 5000mah 3s with an extra 1000mah 3s for the flv

The Frame is 1.2Meters from arm tip to arm tip and i have a large amount of space to mount some equipment, but i would prefer it not to be huge or heavy fpv



Jared Reabow
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Re: Buying FPV Setup

Postby Callardo » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:12 pm

Hey Jared !

I am new to all this as well :) I have been doing a lot of reading lately before I start to make my fpv purchase (I have been buying quadcopter gear over the last few months) :)

I assume your in the uk like me :) (judging from the car number plates in the picture) ... If your thinking about transmitting video on 1.3 GHz (i assume you did mean 1.3 not 1.2 ?) you might want to be aware its illegal to use that freq for airborne use over here in the uk so i would avoid it :) and I can imagine 400mw is very illegal as well ..

In the uk we are only really able to use 2.4 ghz @ 10mw and 5.8 ghz @ 25mw (going up to 100mw if you get a advanced amateur radio license) for fpv video transfer. So if you want to stay legal your left with using 5.8 for the fpv if you dont want to change your controller freq.

As a rule its better to have your video link at a higher freq than your controls anyway.

I know a uk website selling all the bits for a uk legal fpv setup but I think it would cost more than £80 I will link it if your interested though.

As your your quad !!!! looks fantastic !! How long did it take to build ? What is it made from ? looks real pro !! are you going to paint it ?
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Re: Buying FPV Setup

Postby chossy » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:51 pm

Quad looks great can you cut carbon fibre ?
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