Superior Hobby "In stock" when not

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Superior Hobby "In stock" when not

Postby RC TC » Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:35 am

Just wanted to have a little rant about my experience with Superior Hobby as a warning to those who might want to shop there - or any where else where "In Stock" is quoted. :x

I ordered a FrSky Taranis set from them primarily because Hobby King - and other retailers I had searched for - were out of stock. The Taranis - as most of you probably know - has been in hot demand. I ordered from Superior Hobby because their stock listing at the time clearly stated "In stock". This is the current link

A little over 2 weeks later I receive an e-mail from them stating that the FrSky Taranis had been "delivered" (why the word "delivered" is used instead of "sent" is beyond me).

The issues encountered in this not so pleasant experience:

a) Use of erroneous "In stock" indicators by online retailers, as means of securing a sale, especially in times of high product demand and scarcity.
c) Unreasonable delay in shipping without adequate explanation.
d) Poor customer service.

To Superior Hobby's credit, they did ask me what Mode I wanted and which plug for the adapter. However they also stated that "We're processing your order, we expect to ship out within this week.".

The following is the e-mail conversation that took place, with personal details omitted:

"Sorry about delay shipment of TR radio. Actually frsky has delayed to supply radios so that we have delay on your order.

Wish you all the best.

2013/12/11 TC <>:
> Claiming that a product is "In stock" when it isn't is disingenuous at
> best and fraudulent at worst. Superior Hobby's response to my query
> has demonstrated to me that Superior Hobby do not care about their customers.
> Therefore, it is unlikely I will order from Superior Hobby again and
> will not hesitate in informing others of Superior Hobby's practices in
> this regard.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Superior Hobby []
> Sent: Wednesday, 11 December 2013 2:26 p.m.
> To: TC
> Subject: Re: Order Update #69
> We're too busy to modify the title into PREORDER, anyway your order
> was shipped.

> 2013/12/11 TC <>:
>> Thanks for the info.
>> Can you please explain to me why the words "In stock" were used to
> advertise
>> the product ordered when clearly you either don't have said items in
> stock,
>> or you delay sending them?
>> I ordered from Superior Hobby on the basis that the product was "In stock"
>> as advertised for the product at the time, and stated on the invoice,
>> however the order was placed on Sunday 24 November, 2013 and not
>> shipped until the 10 December 2013.
>> In addition, I was informed by email on Monday 25th November that
>> "We're processing your order, we expect to ship out within this week.".
>> Yours sincerely"
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