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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:46 am
by JBC
I recently stumbled across another china based store that carries some not bad stuff at reasonable prices, they're called I found out they also have an Ebay store but it's actually a little cheaper if you buy direct from their online store instead of via Ebay, they take paypal etc and seem to carry stuff that Hobbyking do. I ordered a KV meter from them registered mail which arrived after about 10 days (to Australia) and then later an esc. I only payed for for non-registered mail for the esc and after 3 weeks I emailed then and said where is it? they responded same day and told me it may have got lost in the mail so sent me out another no questions asked, this time registered mail at their expense. I thought this was quite reasonable so will continue to buy from them :) email communication was also good.