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Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:46 pm
by morphine
OK, you say in your review of this engine ....
"Throw the stock muffler away and fit a Tower muffler." :?:

I have been to Tower Hobbies website and cannot find a suitable muffler.
Please help

Motor runs beautifully. Just broke it in yesterday and I am impressed. But where can I find this muffler you speak of?

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:15 am
by RCModelReviews
The Tower Muffler is a product that Tower seem to have stopped carrying.

It was the same as the 3-part GMS 47 muffler -- which they've also stopped carrying.

What a shame -- these mufflers were really cheap (about $13) and would easily add an extra 1,000 RPMs to almost any OS, ThunderTiger or ASP 40-56 sized motor.

The Tower/GMS mufflers were also much less inclined to fall apart like the ASP/Magnum mufflers do :-(

I'll have to see if I can find out if/when they'll start making/stocking these mufflers again.

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:56 am
by morphine
I think this is it
Have a look at this........... ... lick=62061

Could you look at it carefully and let me know if I hit the bulls-eye? I sure dont want to order the wrong one.
FYI.... I flew my GP-Escapade for the second time today with the ASP .52 and it performed perfectly. Then 8 minutes into the flight as I made my second landing approach the motor died resulting in a rough landing i.e. lost the lg. But as I approached the wrecked plane I noticed something glaring in the sun on the canopy......shiny little micro flakes from the break-in process.
I broke it in on the ground per your instructions with one full tank on an old OS #5 on 10% nitro.
Shame on me because without nary a hiccup I flew that day with that plug as well. Held it vertical and it ran like a champ before taking to the air and experienced zero problems.
I could drive 75 miles R.T. to buy a couple of OS #7 GP's but I have 2 of the OS #8 new in my field kit. What say you? Despite your italicized update praising the #7 I have experienced zero transition problems from idle to WOT whatsoever be it a slow trans or a fast trans.
Tonight I fix the poor Escapade and will be running the ASP on the OS #8 on the ground at WOT to break it in some more in the morning. Methinks the #5 got fouled by one of those metal particulates.
Question.....I bought 2 nitro trainers before this Escapade and am running the Evolution .46 on both. Factory claims are that they require no break in and they are both used anyway and I tell you what..... this ASP .52 is SWEET! But when it comes to breaking in a new nitro (i.e. this ASP) how many tanks of fuel should I run through it to get it worn in? I simply cant deal with another DS if it were due to a metal particulate to glow plug contamination.
The OS #8 GP will be put in the motor tonight. How long do I run it and how hard do I run it?
Current prop M.Ascrew 11x6.
I simply need some advise and your review is awesome. I know you have the expertise to help. Please help.

Oh yeah.....on the above link.....
Is this pipe going to give me more oompf than the stock pipe or is it simply a better built pipe?
You were right I had to fix my ASP muffler just like you said. Its a dud.

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:32 am
by RCModelReviews
Yes, that's the muffler.

The metal flakes you saw were almost certainly not coming from the motor itself but from the standard muffler -- they are crap.

When it comes to running in an ABC engine like the ASP52 -- just run them at a rich 2-stroke setting and fly the damned things. Simply avoid too many full-speed runs of more than 20 seconds or so during the first few flights and you'll be fine.

As for props -- an 11x6 is okay but around here we tend to run 10x7 props with the GMS muffler, it really lets those engines unwind and put out astonishing power ;-)

The GMS muffler will give you as much as 1200 extra RPMs, depending on the prop you're using.

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:12 am
by morphine
OK got it.
Getting a tuned pipe, a 10X7 and a #7GP today (Weds.)from LHS. I'll let you know how it performs.
BTW the hole spacing on the muffler bolts is 36mm in case any one is curious.

Oh, and thanks again.

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:17 pm
by morphine
Bolted on a Macs Products (Part MAC6590) black muffler, #7 GP and a MA 10x7.

Bringing a new plane to the field has that curious magnetism and this one was no different From the distance I heard "Hey! It's an Escapade!" followed by......Q. "What kind of motor is that?"....A. "It's an ASP .52" .. Hell, I may as well have called it a Flux Capacitor.

I ran 1 tank of fuel while on the ground to tune the new setup and was surprised to find that the little motor was very happy where it was. All fasteners at motor and firewall double-checked and are still tight, so lets go!

The Escapade made 2 uneventful flights at a rapid pace and I did what you said.......I ran it hard. I did notice that I would lose my smoke a bit when at WOT exiting a turn. Landing and opening it up 1 click yielded just a whisp more smoke. That 1 click allowed me to see smoke trailing throughout the flight with the exception of the back straightaway. While on the ground she's running quite rich and has good smoke on the high end needle. Low needle looks good because the transition from a few moments (20 seconds approx) idle to wot yields a significant amount of oil blowing on the airframe and no hiccups in the transition. Remembering what you said about running it a bit rich and "Just fly the damn thing" has been rewarding.

Third flight........I was in orbit at 1/2 or lower throttle way into my flight because one of the new guys was having trouble on the runway with his motor stalling. He never could take off and wouldn't get off the runway. I yelled at him that "My plane IS gonna land on the runway whether you are on it or not, so get your shit out of the way.....if I dead-stick I'm putting it down right where you're at and I'm low on fuel as it is waiting for you to move!"
He told his wife to run out there with the "hot stick" sooner than she got to him it happened. I ran out of fuel and told him "Dead-stick coming in!.. Dead-stick... coming in!! Get the F off the runway now!!" :evil: He complied and I came in for an uneventful landing absolutely out of fuel. Am I sure?? Cranking of the fueler yielded bubbles. Having experienced that, I wiped down the Escapade and put it away for the day and went and apologized to he and his wife for my vulgarity.

Conclusion....The only motor (of 3) that i have which refuses to flip-prime inexplicably. I still have to bump it with my starter to prime(which it does instantly). I hope one day to break the motor in and gain confidence in the ASP .52 and run a variety of props. I'm just not there yet.
And yes, it is a performer for very little can anyone not like that?

Thank you again for your review and your advice. :P

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:31 pm
by HFrank
RCModelReviews wrote:Using our "special brew" (12% Aerosave oil, 5% nitro, 83% methanol) and a hot plug, we've got the 52s throttling pretty good now. The only time they load up is if you have them idling for an extended amount of time - but you can mitigate that by blipping the throttle occasionally.

I'm going to throw a .52 into my next slab and see how I get on.

It was an ASP52 that killed my last Katana profile. I was doing low rolling harriers and when I blipped the throttle during the knife-edge part of a roll -- nothing happened (except a bit of smoke) so the nose dropped dramatically -- it sort of knife-edged into the ground. Being the frail birds they are (and having already been repaired a million times), the fuselage broke in front of and behind the wing. It wasn't worth repairing at that stage.

I'm hoping the new plug/fuel combo will be more successful with the new Katana :-)

I'll post video when it's done (and the gales subside) so people can judge for themselves.

Hello, I have a Magnum (ASP) .52 that I had in a profile 3D plane, but had no success with it, (always flamed out in the worst moment, I was using 15% nitro fuel, OS #6 glow plug and 12.25x3.75 APC prop). what was your experience with your engine/fuel/hot plug combo for 3D planes ?

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:13 am
by RCModelReviews
HFrank wrote:Hello, I have a Magnum (ASP) .52 that I had in a profile 3D plane, but had no success with it, (always flamed out in the worst moment, I was using 15% nitro fuel, OS #6 glow plug and 12.25x3.75 APC prop). what was your experience with your engine/fuel/hot plug combo for 3D planes ?

If you want best throttle performance -- ditch the 12.25x3.75 prop -- it's *way* too heavy.

Try a 12x4 Xoar or JXF wood prop -- a stunning improvement in throttle response and overall performance.

Secondly, use an OS-F glowplug. It stops the engine loading up nearly as much.

However, I'd have to say that the ASP52 is not my first-choice (or second, or third) for 3D flying.

Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:03 pm
by HFrank
Thank you for your reply, I'll try the Xoar 12x4 and will see. BTW this is the first time I see someone who recommends the OS F glow plug for the ASP .52


Re: ASP/Sanye/Magnum 52 2-stroke glow engine

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:44 am
by roger52010
I have had similar problems with gasping and hesitation on throttle-up on my magnum .46 and OS .46fx. Instead of adjusting the mixture screw in small increments not running I tried adjusting at about one third throttle with engine running. Richen the mixture until the engine breaks into a 4 cycle then lean until it just 2 cycles. You will be suprised how sensitive the adjustment is. This should keep the engine from loading up at idle. It is also somewhat dangerous but both engines now run perfect.