Inexpensive 2.4GHz Radio With Failsafe

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Inexpensive 2.4GHz Radio With Failsafe

Postby ra03111 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:54 am

My dad, brother, and I have been flying for years. Dad started with a Futaba 4-channel, then a Tower Hobbies 6-channel, and most recently a Hitec Optic 6. Has some cheapo 3 channel radios too for some smaller planes. All FM. I have a plane of my own, but as an EE (emphasis embedded systems) I work with robots too. Thus 2.4GHz sounds great (air and ground) and oooh look at these cheap Chinese systems! But alas, I want/need failsafe (required for some robotic competitions/events).

It seems the de facto standard among robot enthusiasts is the Spektrum DX6i with the BR6000 receiver. However, this is easily $200+. This while I can pick up a Turnigy 9x for $90 shipped and have 9 channels and cheap receiver options. But no failsafe. Now I've seen mention of failsafe on a few of the 2.4GHz modules (Corona, FrSky) and the 9x menu out there but haven't been able to find a review talking too much about it.

So my main question is whether it's possible to get a system on the cheap that offers failsafe? Such as a Turnigy 9x and a FrSky kit?
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Re: Inexpensive 2.4GHz Radio With Failsafe

Postby RCModelReviews » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:15 am

Yes, the FrSky system has a very good user-programmable failsafe capability (read the review, as does the FlyDream (which is marginally cheaper).

I've also just reviewed the new 9X version 2. Unfortunately, the standard module/receiver supplied with that radio doesn't have failsafe but you can ditch it and get an FrSky instead and probably still be way-under the price of a Spektrum.

The only remaining factor is whether you need lots of clever mixing -- which the 9X still isn't very good at.

And, even though it says "9 channel" on the box, the 9X is actually only an 8-channel radio in 2.4GHz configuration., just the facts.
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