Tx rebuild to 2.4ghz

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Tx rebuild to 2.4ghz

Postby GorillaBob » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:37 pm

I have a JR radio that a buddy managed to plug the battery in with the polarity reversed. I have no idea how he managed it bud he did. :o
I sent the radio in for repairs for him, since I do all his building, repairs, and purchasing. He can't screw in a light bulb without messing it up! Anyway, JR repair services said it was not repairable. I like the radio and the sticks, they are better than many of the cheap radios on the market now. My question is if it is possible to take the electronics out of another radio and swap them into the JR case?

I saw on the web where a guy took the Tx portion of a GWS radio and hooked it up to his other radios but this would require more than just the Tx section I believe. I like the GWS radio, even though it is not a full range radio system, because we are beginning to fly in a local gym and the tiny size and low cost receivers are great. However, if using one of the HK radios would be easier, that would be ok also. If anyone has suggestions or input, it would be most appreciated!
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Re: Tx rebuild to 2.4ghz

Postby dannyzz » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:20 am

You could use a Arduino to create the PPM signal but you have to learn a bit about programming to do it. It would only cost you about $30 i did that on my controller to add in extra channels and it has worked flawlessly for about 20 flights along side a Frsky DIY module. Is it just a basic 4CH controller with no expo and things like that?
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