who to buy from

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who to buy from

Postby sluggo » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:49 pm

I have just started in rc's. There seems to be so many companys selling different rc's, and they all have different brands. You at rc model reviews mention Hobbyking a lot. They seem to have lower pricies but their shipping is higher. I have looked a Tower Hobbies rc's they are higher priced, but the shipping is lower. Do you seem to find one brand is better and easier to use than all the others? Thanks for your time, enjoy your video's on You tube. You also have good info on you web site. Thanks again
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Re: who to buy from

Postby kaptain_zero » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:28 am

I'm going to assume that you live in the US as you compare shipping costs between HK and TH. Seeing TH is located in the US and HK only has a warehouse that carries a selection of the products they have, but not all... HK's main international site is in Hong Kong/China. It really comes down to what you are looking to buy, who has it and can ship it promptly. Of course there is also your local hobby shop... Whenever possible, I support my local shops... when their prices are just ridicules, I shop the internet.

One thing to keep in mind with China based hobby shops... never spend more than you are prepared to loose. Sometimes a low cost product may arrive in a non-working condition, say a $3 servo. It is cost prohibitive to send that servo back to China for a replacement.... In fact, when I order such things, I order 5 of them and hope they all work, but would not be upset if one didn't and would just toss it in the trash without thinking about it. Those who demand over the counter local service from far away internet stores are bound to be disappointed, sooner rather than later.

It's your money, so you pays your money and you takes your choice. Only you know what is right for you.


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Re: who to buy from

Postby Hallmark » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:22 am

I agree with Christian and you should look at the different areas he described accordingly. Internet based sales always have an element of risk, but it depends on your budget, your needs and your desires.

If you're getting started please consider the AXN and watch Bruce's build videos. His advice has saved me from putting the lot on eBay more than once and I am glad he is there for support. What a guy! :D

I crashed my first so-called beginner plane because I was too keen (and the flaps servos were mounted in reverse), but the AXN gave me the best experience. Oh and at like $50 for a flying unit (if you don't want to build it yourself), you cannot go wrong. There are also many here who will be happy to help with advice and direction, so welcome to the world of RC flying I give it 10 out of 10 for fun, challenge and reward.

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Re: who to buy from

Postby cynr100 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:44 am

sluggo wrote:I have just started in rc's.

Welcome Sluggo, I'm new to this game too.

You have just made the most important decision of your RC career, joining RC Model Reviews Forums. Developer of this forum, all things RC Ghuru and allround standup Guy is Bruce Simpson look for him as RCModelReviews.

Lots of blokes on this forum have valuable information, the best thing is they have big hearts and are willing to give advice and assistance irrespective of your ability/level.
They will save you alot of heartache (and money).
Don't forget to checkout

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Re: who to buy from

Postby quarry44 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:21 am

Lots of blokes on this forum have valuable information, the best thing is they have big hearts and are willing to give advice and assistance irrespective of your ability/level.

I can count myself lucky I had a great bloke to teach me the ropes of RC building and flying 25-odd years ago.Sadly,Dave passed away after a short illness last year.I still miss him.
But the point is,I try to offer advice to anyone who asks for it.If that helps them on their way into this hobby,then I'm satisfied.I'd like to think I give back at least a little of what Dave taught me.
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Re: who to buy from

Postby sluggo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:31 pm

Thanks to all that replied. Getting into rc's can be confusing, lots of products and lots of info. It seems that this site is more user friendly. Thanks for the help.
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Re: who to buy from

Postby heliplanes » Sat May 12, 2012 4:39 am

G'day Sluggo,

I've been buying 90% of everything I need from HobbyKing. I've had a few arguments with them but they got sorted out. I have received a few pre-stripped servos and one ESC which didn't work. If I added up everything I'd spent with them and what the equivalent would have cost from an Aussie dealer I'm a mile in front. When I want to buy something from a plane to a new motor I ALWAYS read the comments left by previous buyers. (scroll down from the picture of the item and you'll see reviews and comments) I've been itching to buy a new item but after I've read the reviews and comments I give it a miss because it's obviously rubbish.

Remember local hobby shops don't like HobbyKing, although I know many of them buy stock from them. So the bad comments may be made by them to put people off. Plus some people will whinge at everything and anything. Use your own judgement. Go to other forums and read what people are saying, ask questions if you're still not sure. Finally add up what it costs, use your gut instinct and mix that with a little luck and decide whether to buy or go elsewhere. I've decided to stop buying from them a few times but I last a few days and I put in another order.

A little advice, when you buy a plane and you think it's a real bargain, I'd advise you to stock up on small spare parts. I always pull the cheap and nasty servos out and replace them with better quality ones. Have a packet of clevises and control horns handy because they often turn up broken. Never fly the plane until you've checked every prt of it. Tighten every screw, bolt and nut and add a drop of Loctite. Reglue things which can and usually do come adrift like horns and engine mounts if you can get to them. A little extra glue won't hurt your speed or CG and it gives you peace of mind.

Again read the reviews and look for modifications which people advise you do. There are always reports of ailerons coming away from the wing or vertical stabilizers falling off or even props suddenly disintegrating. There's literally hundreds of things that can go wrong and some of them are unavoidable but the majority can be avoided by spending a little time doing a close inspection.

Finally, please, please, please DON'T think a plane will go faster by putting a bigger battery in it. The times I've seen guys telling their mates they are going to try a 6s battery in a plane designed for a 3s. You'll burn your ESC and probably your motor out, this will send your plane groundward and there's a good chance of wrecking an expensive battery and your plane. If you want more speed it has to be a strict code to follow. What will the airframe handle? (speedwise) will the motor fit?, will the ESC handle the extra current?, will the motor handle it?. Usually an upgrade consists of a more powerful motor, a better ESC, a bigger battery, more room to be found, better wiring and definitely a consideration where the center of gravity (CG) lives. Something they usually forget, can they handle a plane travelling 4 times faster than it did. In short, are they good enough to fly it.

My Skyfun will fly at around 100k out of the box, I fly it at about 60 or 70k. I have another one ready to build with a motor which will take it to 200k and more but I won't be flying it for some time. I need experience first. One guy tried to push his even faster, it took off like a scalded cat but the rear end decided to overtake the front end and it snowed foam for 10 minutes. He never found the motor, the ESC was mangled and the battery looked pregnant. All he had left was a few clevises and some bent pushrods. The plane and the mods cost him over $200.00 and he blamed Hobbyking for building a lousy plane.

Geez, I've said enough for now. If you need any further help just holler, someone will help. Good luck
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Re: who to buy from

Postby suchislife » Thu May 17, 2012 1:25 pm

The shipping for Hobbyking works out cheaper if you buy a few items all at once.

Don't forget if you live in the US they have a US warehouse, you can buy things (especially larger/heavier items like models) from there and shipping is much cheaper.
I live in Australia, and I buy small items from their international (Hong Kong) warehouse, and larger items and batteries from the AUS warehouse.
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