2.4 ghz radio range booster

If you've been building electronic bits or modifying stuff you've bought then tell us all about it here. A good place to discuss the installation of 2.4GHz DIY modules too.

Re: 2.4 ghz radio range booster

Postby francoishaha » Tue May 15, 2012 10:38 pm

Hi, here a turnigy 9x v2 transmitter that i modify to receive any module that fit in (same module as JR radio)
First i unsloder the antenna from the module, and solder it back, because the antenna wire originally pass inside the transmitter.... what a bad idea from the conceptors. So this way im able to remove the original module and, still have the possibility to put it back in.
now the FrSky module can be inserted (Same module as JR radio)
And on the FrSky a SMA connector is brillantly put over the module. Easy to add the WiFi booster this way ;)

And if u want a long range UHF, the Rmilec fits in too.
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