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Re: TowerPro/Hextronic MG995 servo

Postby JensR » Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:54 am

I just checked the servos I hadn't yet used (and have not had a chance to backdrive them...) - both have considerable slack straight from new.
Doesn't affect my machine too much, but I wouldn't put this into anything flying or driving.
Overshoot and jerkiness seem (very unscientifically) not worse than other servos in that price bracket.
I use them with up to 60cm of extension and and they stay steady, but I only operate the machine within a few meters,
so this won't be illustrative for most other uses.
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Re: TowerPro/Hextronic MG995 servo

Postby Thaifly » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:13 am

Actual flight testing of the Tower Pro MG995 servo.
I fly in Thailand and here, these servos cost 13 NZD. I have never used cheap servos before but I decided that even with all of the bad press on this particular servo I would flight test it. I installed them in a Seagull Yak 54 which is fitted with a DLE 20cc gasoline engine. A good test as far as vibration is concerned. I fly regularly, usually twice a week and although the Yak is not my main model to fly I always bring it with me to the field. The model now has 67 flights on it with no problems at all with the servos. So, this in no way is an endorsement of a product that is lacking from a technical or design point of view but it does highlight the fact that despite these issues the servo has, and still is, performing well in use?
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