We're with you Bruce

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Re: We're with you Bruce

Postby Malcurin » Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:54 pm

for me I used to slope sour a wee bit back in the day and to me Since i didn't have access to a decent souring site all i had was someones farm a few miles away and that had to be really blowing for it to work, I gave up after a bit, then i stumbles onto RC Model reviews and thought HEY i should see how my Old hobby is doing, so i started watching saw him mention Xjet a few times I i started watching there, saw an AXN and how much fun they could be with a Motor ......... looked over at my Non motor flyers and thought man i should place a motor on one of them things saw how much it would be and then thought man i should get me an AXN and the rest is History
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Re: We're with you Bruce

Postby RockinRobbins » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:41 pm

cynr100 wrote: MalFunctioningNZ


That's much better than the alternate rendering I had.
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Re: We're with you Bruce

Postby RockinRobbins » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:54 pm

The SWMAC is being disbanded and a new incorporated club called the South Waikato International Modelers (SWIM) has been formed.

This group will promise to follow all the MFNZ rules and regulations -- but I fear that it may be the beginning of the end for what was once a vibrant club of like-minded individuals who just had a snot-load of fun flying their models in a safe and entertaining fashion.

You have no idea how sad that makes me. Why can't SWMAC promise to follow the regs and then do what everyone else does: follow in form but not in substance? Just because you have safety officers, high muckety-mucks and the like doesn't mean they absolutely have to lord it over everyone in the club. You can function as usual and these people would just be official contacts for the totalitarian machine that thinks it's Model Flying New Zealand: absolutely essential to preventing the total elimination of human life in New Zealand that would happen without their benevolent dictatorship. Hey, that's good! I'll suggest that as their tag line. They already like me, I think...

I am amazed that some young, hungry lawyer trying to establish a reputation for himself has not come to you with a proposition to take this petty SWDC and MFNZ to court for violating your rights to due process and negotiate with the CAA, which seems only a reluctant patsy to the machinations of the other two, and let you emerge fully victorious and with the claws of these two dictatorial organizations trimmed nicely. I know in the United States, all this would be strictly illegal, and New Zealand, claiming to be a nation of laws as well, could well agree that you have been severely wronged.

I hate to see you slink away from the battlefield as if you were in the wrong, accepting draconian changes that could "be the beginning of the end for what was once a vibrant club." You are totally in the right here. Nothing you have done is severe enough to warrant the death penalty for your organization. (and we thought New Zealand no longer practiced capital punishment)
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Re: We're with you Bruce

Postby RockinRobbins » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:58 pm

Having successfully infiltrated myself into the MFNZ website while they were moderating new posts, I have been having great fun in their "SWMAC closedown" thread. http://www.modelflyingnz.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=212&p=946#p946. Of course I am sure they will shut me down at some point, but I have brought to the attention of their membership some of the more egregious misrepresentations (how nice I am!) by MFNZ, including the NZJET business, denial of any semblance of due process, video of out of sight FPV posted and then removed from the MFNZ website, the ease of their defeat in any potential lawsuits that could be brought, and the unconcern of their leadership for promoting the hobby in any way. Then I called for the immediate replacement of the people presently in charge. Of course they cannot respond to that other than perhaps banning me, but I've had my say and their membership has read it. It would be a small price to pay.
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Re: We're with you Bruce

Postby Hal9000 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:24 am

So Bruce, Where do things stand at the moment re flying at Tokoroa Airfield and does there seem any possibility that you will be flying there in the near future?
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