Futaba Receiver Antenna swap

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Futaba Receiver Antenna swap

Postby lithoushine » Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:03 am

Hey Bruce had a question about receiver antennas on a futaba FASST compatible Orange rx. They are attached by a u.fi connector (i think they are that way on an authentic futaba receiver) and i was wondering if it was as easy and getting an adapter so you can put what ever antenna you like on there?I have already done this with my transmitter and it was that easy. I purchased a u.fi to sma adapter and now i can put what ever antenna i want on and it works great. Also what kind of antennas are on a futaba receiver begin with? all 2.4ghz receviers just have little pieces of wire hanging out? Are they circularly polarized? how do they work? Thanks. Derek
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