2.4Ghz Conversions on old Futaba Attack 2ER 2ch

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2.4Ghz Conversions on old Futaba Attack 2ER 2ch

Postby Roger » Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:35 am

in simple, DON'T BOTHER!
the transmitter I'm referring to is the Futaba Attack 2ER and they are a simple horrible cheap transmitter. I have converted a couple over with Corona DIY kits for some sailboat guys, and we have had no end of trouble with them. I (with Bruce's help) had to make a signal amplifier to be able to drive the DIY board, and even with this, they are loosing signal when sailing. Others using different radios are having no problems with similar boats. I will be removing the modules and reinstalling them in other transmitters. I use the DIY kits with my airboat and a Hitec focus transmitter and I have no range problems on the water at all - I even fed the sail servo with a separate battery just in case it was over drawing current and dropping the receiver out - still no improvement.
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